Spectro Scientific Unveils Upgraded Oil Analysis System

Noria news wires
Tags: onsite oil analysis

Spectro Scientific recently introduced an upgrade to its FieldLab 58, consisting of a more powerful X-ray fluorescence (XRF) module and newly designed filter to improve the detection of wear metal elements in oil.

The battery-powered system is intended to provide quick and comprehensive oil analysis in the field. Packaged within a portable case, the analyzer integrates four analytical technologies: X-ray fluorescence for elemental analysis, a filter particle qualifier (FPQ) pore-blockage particle counter, an infrared spectrometer and a kinematic viscometer. Using only 3 milliliters of oil, the four tests can generate more than 20 fluid analysis parameters in five to seven minutes.

The system's coupling of X-ray fluorescence and filter particle quantifier testing meets the new ASTM D8127 standard for in-service lubricants. In addition, the FieldLab 58 can measure fluid chemistry and contamination per ASTM D7889 as well as viscosity per ASTM D8092.

The system has also earned a patent for its combination of analytical technologies — U.S. Patent 9,791,386 B2 for an "integrated, portable sample analysis system and method."

"The enhanced analytical capability for elemental analysis, the new patent and the new ASTM standard illustrate the significance of the combination of analytical technologies provided by the FieldLab 58 system, and will give our customers more confidence utilizing FieldLab as a tool to protect their valuable assets," said Dr. Patrick Henning, Spectro Scientific's chief technology officer. 

For more information, visit www.spectrosci.com.