SKF Introduces Updated Pump for Automatic Lubrication Systems

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Tags: automatic lubrication

SKF recently updated its Electric Compact Pump (ECP) for single-line lubrication systems. Originally introduced in 2016, the ECP is now available with both prefilled cartridges and plastic reservoirs for easy refilling.

Designed to lubricate bearings and linear guides in systems of up to 20 lubrication points and a main line length of 15 meters, the ECP includes an integrated pressure-relief valve, which enables its use in automatic single-line lubrication systems. It is available in three sizes with prefilled lubricant cartridges or with plastic reservoirs for oil or fluid grease. The oil reservoirs come with standard filters. The pump versions have reservoir capacities of 1 and 1.7 liters and can be equipped with a fill-level monitor.  

To eliminate the risk of lubricant contamination, SKF recommends the ECP version that utilizes 380-milliliter cartridges. The cartridges are easy to exchange and are available with an optional integrated level switch to monitor the fill level. The standard cartridge is prefilled with fluid grease type 00.

The simple-to-operate ECP can be used in combination with SKF’s single-line metering devices in small to medium-sized machinery.

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