Lumax Introduces New Lubrication Accessory Kit

Noria news wires
Tags: grease guns

Lumax recently introduced a new lubrication accessory kit to organize and store your lube accessories in a convenient storage case. The LX-1470 kit contains 11 of the company’s most popular accessories, which are compatible with standard grease guns, pumps and dispensing devices.

Each kit includes a 12-inch grease hose with spring, standard grease coupler, 90-degree grease coupler, 360-degree swivel grease coupler, right-angled grease coupler, 4½-inch push-type adapter, ¾-inch needle-nose adapter, 1½-inch needle-nose adapter, 7-inch needle-nose adapter, grease injector needle, and seal-off adapter with rubber tip.

Lumax also released a new heavy-duty, industrial-grade fuel-transfer pump. The LX-1377 is ideal for pumping oil or petroleum-based products such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene. It features a vane design that enables faster priming, better performance and longer life.

Built from cast iron for durability, the pump is intended to reduce wear and continue working over a long period of time. It incorporates an explosion-proof motor, strainer and built-in bypass valve to prevent equipment damage. The flow rate is 15 gallons per minute, with a continuous cycle of 30 minutes and a working pressure of 18 pounds per square inch.

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