Norde Introduces New Lubrication and Fuel System Additives

Noria news wires
Tags: automotive

Norde recently introduced a new fuel additive for gasoline and diesel engines to decrease emissions while increasing mileage, along with a new lube additive intended to offer similar advantages when added to oil.

The Fuel System Revitalizer (FSR) is designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend performance between maintenance. It is formulated to clean fuel-injector ports and return them to the original equipment manufacturer’s spray pattern as well as to coat the cylinder to protect the surface and increase horsepower.

In testing over a wide range of temperatures, the additive has been shown to make improvements where routine maintenance or replacement would normally be required. The FSR is available as both an additive and as a pre-blended, ready-to-go fuel.

The Lubrication Surface Modifier (LSM) is also available in ready-to-use formulations or as an additive to oil. It is a mixture of synthetic compounds that form a unique molecular structure to provide anti-wear and friction reduction on sliding and rotating surfaces.

The proprietary formula creates a layer of boundary lubrication, bonding to metallic surfaces in a thermo-chemical reaction. The bonding takes place as heat is generated on a metallic surface or when friction causes heat.

Engineered to prevent catastrophic failure of gasoline and diesel engines while helping them run cooler and decreasing noise, the LSM can also secure itself to packings and seals throughout a hydraulic system to reduce breakdowns.

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