Total Launches New Hydraulic Fluids Made from Regenerated Oils

Noria news wires
Tags: hydraulics

Total Lubricants recently launched a new range of eco-responsible hydraulic oils made from regenerated oil. The ECO2 product range is intended to reduce the environmental footprint of lubricant production while performing as efficiently as conventional products.

Promising significant gains in total cost of ownership (TCO), the oils boast 10 times less energy consumed, one-third the amount of particle emissions, 27 percent fewer resources consumed and half the carbon-dioxide emissions.

Among the new fluids in the product range include the Equivis ECO2 46 and the Azolla ECO2 46. The Equivis ECO2 46 oil is an anti-wear, high-viscosity-index hydraulic fluid that is designed for use in all types of hydraulic systems, particularly those running under high pressures or high temperatures. It is also recommended for use in hydraulic systems running at low temperatures when an easy start-up and reliable operation are needed.

The Azolla ECO2 46 oil is an anti-wear hydraulic fluid for use in all types of hydraulic systems but is especially suited for those running under high pressure. It is also formulated for lightly loaded systems where an extreme-pressure oil is not required.

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