Castrol Introduces New Engine Oils

Noria news wires
Tags: automotive, motor oils

Castrol recently launched new formulations of its Power1 4T engine oils with cutting-edge technology for improved engine performance.

The Power1 4T 15W-20W with Power Sustain Technology is formulated to manage heat and friction to help ensure continuous power delivery through its ability to resist oxidation at higher temperatures.

For four-stroke engines, the Power1 4T 10W with Power Release Technology is intended to optimize friction, providing motorcycle enthusiasts with better acceleration at the twist of the throttle. In a three-stage acceleration test using a four-cycliner engine, the Power1 4T 10W-40 was 6.6 seconds quicker than a similar 10W-40 engine oil and 2.8 seconds quicker than a previous formulation.

For two-stroke engines, the new Power1 2T is designed to keep key engine components clean and free of carbon deposits as well as offer long-lasting performance.

The Power1 Racing 4T was developed to resist thickening at high temperatures, maintain its viscosity and ensure maximum engine performance. In tests performed under harsh conditions over more than 24,000 miles, the oil maintained 94 percent of the starting maximum power produced by the engine, delivering racing performance without sacrificing engine protection.

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