Institute of Materials Releases 2019 Engine Oil Data

Noria news wires
Tags: motor oils

The Institute of Materials’ (IOM) recently announced that its 2019 global engine oil collection and testing have been completed, and the new data is now available.

The IOM’s online database is intended to provide the lubricant industry with unbiased engine oil data to assist in making important decisions, from assessing oil quality in the marketplace to discovering trends in technology.

Including more than 18,000 engine oils and nearly 18 million data points, the data has been used by large and small companies to compare engine oil properties, audit blend consistency, monitor formulation changes, etc. The database also incorporates a user-friendly interface to help locate, filter and query information. 

“Our customers have asked for earlier releases of data, and we have listened,” said Norm Kanar, marketing and sales manager for the Institute of Materials. “It is an exciting time for IOM as we plan to launch our ‘just in time’ database model early this year. Included in our collection for 2020 are oils that are reported to comply with the ILSAC GF-6 specifications, a new motor oil specification that will provide improved fuel economy and protection for modern-day engines compared to prior specifications.”

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