Nutrien Named Lube Room Challenge Winner

Noria Media, Noria Corporation
Tags: lubrication programs, lubricant storage and handling

Winners of the 2024 Lube Room Challenge: Brent Harmon, Clint Rieke, Kyle Shaffer, and Robert Hiss

For the first time since 2019, Noria revived its annual Lube Room Challenge Competition, sponsored by OilSafe.

Machinery Lubrication reached out and asked readers to submit and show off their exceptional lube rooms that incorporate best-practice features. Many submissions meet the challenge and were able to show off how their storage and handling methods have been transformed. However, one entry in particular stood out. Nutrien's Lima, Ohio plant underwent a truly remarkable transformation that goes back to 2017. 

Learn how Nutrien's lube room transformation unfolded over the course of 7 years. 

Nutrien's starting point was outdoor storage, open containers, and lack of lubricant cleanliness. Knowing the consequences of poor storage, they decided it was time for a change. Over the next several years, Nutrien's staff got MLT certified and ordered bulk storage tanks, quality transfer containers, and labels. Eventually, the lubricants were moved indoors and the lube room, with all its bells and whistles, was completed early 2024.