Empowering Industrial Professionals: Insights from Noria's Euro Lunch & Learn Series

Austin O'Kelley, Noria Corporation
Tags: maintenance and reliability

Empowering Industrial Professionals: Insights from Noria's Euro Lunch & Learn Series

The first quarter of 2024 marked a significant stride in Noria Corporation's commitment to advancing industrial knowledge across Europe. Our inaugural series of Lunch & Learn events took place in London, the greater Birmingham area, Edinburgh, and Dublin, educating and engaging professionals deeply in the critical areas of machinery lubrication and reliability.

A Comprehensive Exploration of Machinery Lubrication

Participants in the Lunch & Learn events dive into a broad range of essential topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of machine maintenance and reliability. The sessions cover:

Who Should Attend?

These events are specifically designed for professionals responsible for the upkeep and optimization of equipment such as electric motors, compressors, diesel engines and a lot more. Whether you are directly involved in the operation, maintenance, or oversight of these systems, these sessions will equip you with essential knowledge and skills.

Free Registration for Eligible Participants

These informative and interactive sessions are completely free for participants who pre-register and meet the following criteria:

Engagement and Practical Application

"It exceeded my expectations, and the format was well-balanced with information mixed with audience engagement," remarked one of the participants, highlighting the interactive nature of these sessions. " No need to improve -- very well laid out and easy to understand, excellent host…” “…very clear, informative and knowledgeable, " another attendee shared.

Exclusive Sponsorship and Hands-On Experience

Thanks to our exclusive sponsorship with OilSafe, participants will have the unique opportunity to meet with local representatives and view product samples onsite. This hands-on experience is designed to enable attendees to directly implement what they’ve learned about contamination control, enhancing the practical application of their new skills.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Lunch & Learn Events

With upcoming events scheduled in Belgium and the Netherlands from June 25-28, we continue to offer these valuable learning opportunities. Each event promises a comprehensive look at lubrication best practices with a special focus on contamination control—a key to long-term sustainable growth in plant reliability.

For those interested in elevating their understanding and applying these insights directly to their work environments, we invite you to join us at our next series of Lunch & Learn events. Further details and reservations can be found on our Lunch & Learn page.

Why Attend?

Engage with experts, expand your professional network, and gain insights that bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Reserve your spot today and be part of an enriching experience that enhances knowledge, fosters networking, and drives professional growth.