Powerful ICP Spectrometer Developed from the Latest Technology

Lindsay Hall, Noria Corporation
Tags: wear debris analysis, oil analysis


Teledyne Leeman Labs has raised the bar in inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology with the introduction of the Prodigy High Dispersion ICP. Combining a highly advanced Echelle optical system with the latest in solid-state detection, the Prodigy ICP is ideal for laboratories requiring analytical performance and versatility.

The Prodigy ICP with its L-PAD solid-state detector provides easy-to-use navigation between applications, network readiness, access security and regulatory compliance tools.


The ICP with state-of-the-art array detection permits simultaneous measurement of multiple wavelengths without extending the sample analysis time. With the compact high-resolution benchtop design, Prodigy provides superior analytical performance in only a minimal amount of space. The spectrometer is available in axial, radial or dual view plasma configurations and is image-stabilized for fast warm-up and superior long-term stability.


Features that contribute to Prodigy’s exceptional analytical performance include:

With its large active area and integral Pentium-based controller, Prodigy’s ICP with L-PAD provides full wavelength coverage and high resolution in a single exposure, simultaneously measuring peak and background intensities for all wavelengths regardless of emission intensity.