Fluid Filter and Transfer Carts Buyers Guide

Noria Corporation
Tags: lubricant storage and handling, filter carts

Lubrication excellence requires the right tools for the right job. Lubricant filter carts and transfer carts are vital tools that need to be designed for the task at hand. This buyers guide takes a look at what manufacturers offer and what options are available.

Lubricant filter carts and transfer carts are both included in this buyers guide because of their similarity and the fact that one unit can serve as both a filter cart and a transfer cart. By definition, a filter cart is a portable filtration system that can be used to filter lubricant from a reservoir. A transfer cart is a portable cart that transfers lubricant from a supply source (tote or drums for instance) to the equipment sump or reservoir.

This buyers guide focuses on options available on these carts. The sections are as follows: