Summit Industrial Products

Address: P.O. Box 131359
Tyler, TX. 75707

Phone: 800-749-5823

Company Profile

When you purchase a drum of Summit Synthetic Lubricants, you not only buy a superior lubricant but you gain a staff of highly trained technicians. Experienced professionals will help you in deciding when your lubricants need replacing. Summit’s Free Oil Analysis can also reveal problems in your equipment, which if not dealt with, can result in costly
downtime, repairs and equipment replacement.

Use Quality Summit Synthetic Lubricants for…
Air Compressors
Gas Compressors
Refrigeration Compressors
Gears and Bearings
Vacuum Pumps
Most Food Grade Applications
Other Industrial Applications


Summit offers a Rebrand Program that includes…
Free customized color labels
Full technical support
Free Oil Analysis on synthetic products
Sales literature assistance

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