Fluitec International

Address: 333 Washington Street Suite 201
Jersey City, NJ. 07302

Phone: 888-557-9575
Email: info@fluitec.com
Website: www.fluitec.com

Company Profile

Up to now, knowing the condition of oil and lubricant additives has been a matter of guesswork...with costly consequences. Changing your oil too soon can result in unnecessary oil changes, and waiting too long can damage expensive equipment.

Now, FLUITEC offers exciting new technology that makes proactive lubricant maintenance possible. The RULER (Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine) is a revolutionary portable oil monitoring instrument that quickly measures antioxidants, TAN & TBN values of mineral, synthetic or biodegradable oils throughout their service life.

The patented electrochemical technique was jointly developed by the U.S. Air Force and the University of Dayton Research Institute for use with gas turbine engine oils. This technology is so unique that it has received numerous international awards. Through technology transfer programs, the RULERâ was commercially developed and is now available.

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