Spectro Schedules Two-Day Oil Analysis Seminar

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

Spectro Incorporated, a leader in instrumentation for in-service oil analysis for predictive maintenance, is holding a two-day seminar on how to effectively use in-service oil analysis as a predictive maintenance technique. The seminar, taught by Daniel Walsh and Jorge Riveras, will take place on November 16-17. It will focus on techniques and technologies that aid in optimizing your oil analysis program, whether it is done on-site or off-site.


Information and tips that will help you understand your oil analysis program and put the best practices in place for your needs will be discussed. Class topics include: lubrication fundamentals, wear debris analysis, lubricant contamination, lubricant condition fundamentals, interpreting your data, and how to effectively manage your oil analysis program. 


Contact Spectro Incorporated at sales@spectroinc.com or at 978-431-1120 for more information about this seminar.

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