DuPont™ MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants Launches New Family of PAO Greases in North America

New greases deliver design flexibility, differentiated performance for consumer and industrial market applications

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WILMINGTON, Del, Nov. 18, 2021– DuPont (NYSE:DD) today introduced its new family of MOLYKOTE® Polyalphaolefin (PAO) Greases: MOLYKOTE® G-1033 Grease, MOLYKOTE® G-1041 Grease and MOLYKOTE® G-1057 Grease for the North America market. The three new greases are engineered for a variety of plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal interfaces to maximize design flexibility in both the consumer and industrial markets.


The new family of greases offers versatile options that deliver differentiated performance for a wide range of applications:

  • MOLYKOTE® G-1033 Greasefor slides, glides and linear drivesoffers excellent lubricity and noise-damping properties and was engineered for very low friction between metal-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic interfaces, including fiber-reinforced plastics. It delivers reliable performance across a wide temperature range (-43°C to +125°C).
  • MOLYKOTE® G-1041 Greasefor gears, actuators, bearings and more offers excellent low-temperature (-50°C) lubrication properties. The grease was designed for applications in which lubrication of metal-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic interfaces – including fiber-reinforced plastics – is critical. MOLYKOTE® G-1041 Grease provides good wear and load properties, as well as low evaporation and noise, with wide temperature stability. It is formulated with yellow metal corrosion inhibitors.
  • MOLYKOTE® G-1057 Greasefor premium NVH control and very low bleed for knobs, levers, switches and moreis a transparent, low-bleed grease with demonstrated superior noise-reduction properties. The grease is formulated to handle temperatures up to +150°C and is compatible with a broad range of plastics and elastomers for lubricating many material combinations.



From ensuring reliable, durable performance for sensitive environments and applications to enhancing the perception of quality by making inexpensive items feel and perform better, the new family of MOLYKOTE® PAO greases was developed to address market needs and trends. These greases can:

  • Control and lower friction for energy efficiency
  • Dampen noise and vibration for smoother haptics and support of 5G technology/deployment
  • Enable various plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal combinations for light-weighting and portability
  • Provide extended durability via product options that resist evaporation, water washout and/or corrosion

“MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants have a history of trusted innovation, and our team has proven experience achieving targeted performance that optimizes customer designs,” said MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants global marketing manager Marjorie Dwane. “Our greases are tailored for the many environments found in industrial and consumer settings, and this new family of PAO greases will allow customers flexibility while continuing to deliver reliability and durability.”

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