Global Nanolubricants Market Report Published

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The technology involved in lubrication by nanoparticles is a rapidly developing scientific area and one that has been watched with interest for the past ten years. Nanolubrication offers a solution to many problems associated with traditional lubricants that contain sulphur and phosphorus; and though for some time the production of nanoparticles was restricted by the technologies available, today synthesis methods have been improved to such a level that it is possible to produce large quantities relatively cheaply and efficiently.

Nanolubricants 2008, a research report from Research and Markets, develops a new concept of lubrication, based on these nanoparticles, and along with the authors’ own research, it synthesizes the information available on the topic of nanolubrication from existing literature and presents it in a concise form.

The report:

·        Describes the many advantages and potential applications of nanotechnology in the tribological field.

·        Offers a full review of the state-of-the-art as well as much original research that is yet unpublished.

·        Includes sections on boundary lubrication by colloïdal systems, nanolubricants made of metal dichalcogenides, carbon-based nanolubricants, overbased detergent salts, nanolubricants made of metals and boron-based solid nanolubricants and lubrication additives.

·        Authored by highly regarded experts in the field with contributions from leading international academics.


Nanolubricants will appeal to postgraduate students, academics and researchers in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and materials science. It should also be of interest to practicing engineers with petroleum companies and mechanical manufacturers.


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