One Eye Industries Offers Mill Hydrostatic Lift Lube System

Noria news wires, Noria Corporation

One Eye Industries (OEI) introduces the Hydrostatic Lube Lift System (8HSL5129L2), a product whose its primary function is to lubricate the mill trunion bearings during startup and shutdown – the most critical period to such bearings. The HLS is designed to lubricate both trunion bearings equally, reducing maintenance and overhead cost.

 The HLS is designed to operate during normal mill operation to compliment the internal lubrication system of the bearings, though it is not required. Startup is an extremely critical period due to friction wear prior to establishing an oil barrier on the bearing surfaces. The HLS raises the mill on a film of oil which is produced from the high pressure at the center of the load area of the bearings. During shutdown, this same oil barrier protects the bearings until the mill comes to rest and the system is shut down.

The HLS is also equipped with an OEI filtration system. As the oil returns to the pump, it first passes through an OEI scrubber, removing all ferrous contaminants and protecting the life of the pump, and then through the ADD-Vantage 9000, OEI’s reusable filter which produces cleaner oil than conventional filter systems. The HLS can be set up with a single or duplex filtration system for longer running intervals. It is designed as a complete panel with quick connections for easy replacement.


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