Paper Industry Tests Out Intrusion & Oil Condition System

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IntelliStick Inc. recently completed a multi-month pilot program to evaluate its industrial intrusion and oil condition system in the challenging environment of paper mills. The case study reports that IntelliStick reliably detects water intrusion and effectively monitors oil condition and temperature in real time using a single sensor. The program was conducted in conjunction with the Energy, Engineering and Maintenance Task Force of the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association.


The program evaluated several mill installations and data for several months earlier this year, and included the application of five IntelliStick instruments in three mills in the Southwest, Midwest and Southeast United States. The instruments were installed on a variety of mill equipment including bearing lubrication systems, pulper gearbox and generator engines.


A designated representative at each test site provided data to the manufacturer along with their insights related to installations, operations and product design and performance. The system detected potentially damaging water in oil on a number of occasions during the trial. IntelliStick provides the important advantage of real-time immediacy so that preventative action can be taken.


“This evaluation shows that the IntelliStick system is a cost-effective and easily installed means for paper mill maintenance engineers and supervisors to obtain condition-based information in real time. IntelliStick helps protect expensive mission-critical equipment while assuring maximum up-time and productivity,” said Daniel Edney, PhD, director of engineering at IntelliStick.


A copy of the case study report, entitled “Intrusion Detection & Oil Condition Monitoring: A Paper Industry Pilot Program”, is available on request. Contact IntelliStick Sales at 888-812-5988, ext 221, or by e-mail at


About Intellistick

IntelliStick is a real-time electronic intrusion and oil condition monitor for oil management and maintenance in industrial manufacturing and plant process operations, as well as in diesel and gasoline vehicles, heavy equipment, trucks. IntelliStick products are based on a patented technology developed military and use a single sensor to continuously monitor oil wear package depletion, oil and detect intrusion.


About RPTA

The Recycled Paperboard Technical Association (RPTA) is a nonprofit association that brings together the expertise of more than 100 paper mills worldwide that manufacture products from at least 90 percent recovered fiber. RPTA is dedicated to the improvement of the recycled paperboard industry.

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