New Metalworking Fluid Filtration Benefits Machine Tool Systems

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A new metalworking fluid filtration technology can help companies operating machine tools to achieve extended tool life, improved component quality, reduced maintenance and spare parts costs. The new technology comes from Fluid Maintenance Solutions Ltd., which was recently chosen as the sole United Kingdom agent for its IFDR range of advanced metalworking fluid filtration solutions for machine tools and grinding systems.

The design of the IFDR systems offers manufacturers the opportunity to increase productivity and reduce environmental impact whether as a retrofit or part of a turn-key installation. At the heart of the systems lies an element-less filter and a tramp oil separator, which guarantee a clean fluid is returned to the machine tool to meet the demands of high-performance machining and grinding operations.

The cleaner a metalworking fluid being delivered to the cutting zone, the greater the machining performance and the lower the cost per part. This is the primary function of an IFDR system. It efficiently removes contamination from the whole volume of the metalworking fluid. Combined with a conveyor where the metal swarf is removed separately, the extremely fine and highly abrasive fines removed by the systems can help improve productivity and overall equipment effectiveness.

The performance of the systems is guaranteed with high-pressure fluid return currently up to 100 bar g. This is achieved without disposable media and by avoiding consumable inventory handling and hazardous waste disposal costs. The systems also have no media-related downtime and can run for more than two years without the need for service.

If existing machine tool filtration systems suffer from tramp oil, need sump dig-outs, use consumable filter media or require maintenance intervention and spare parts, converting to an IFDR metalworking fluid filtration system can guarantee cost reductions and productivity improvements. The systems have been proven in many different applications on machine tools from leading manufacturers including Mazak, Mori Seiki, Hermle, Kitamura, Mandelli, Tachella Cross, Favretto and CB Ferrari.

“As engineers with metalworking fluid sales experience, we are very aware of how much waste is generated in the use of these fluids, and the IFDR systems are a true step change in metalworking fluid filtration technology,” said Steve Thompson, director at Fluid Maintenance Solutions Ltd.

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