Shell Opens New Lubricant Blending Plant in Russia

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Shell recently opened a new lubricant blending plant in Russia that will supply a range of finished consumer, transport and industrial lubricants. The new plant, which is located in Torzhok in the Tver region northwest of Moscow, can blend more than 52 million gallons of lubricants a year and will create 150 jobs when at full capacity.

"Shell is proud to open this impressive new plant in an important growth market for lubricants," said Mark Gainsborough, Shell executive vice president. "My thanks and congratulations to all those involved in the safe construction and testing of the plant, and I welcome the start of commercial operations."

Shell's industrial lubricant customers in Russia will now be able to receive bulk delivery of finished lubricants, speeding up delivery times and reducing storage costs. As the plant ramps up to full capacity, there may also be potential to serve neighboring countries.

The plant was constructed to incorporate world-class lubricant blending technology. All processes in the plant are automated and commanded by a control room developed to the latest international standards. The plant is also equipped with a stringent quality-control system that conducts tests at all stages of production.

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