BASF to Build Lubricant Plant in Germany

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Chemical company BASF recently announced the construction of a new plant for polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based lubricants at its Ludwigshafen site in Germany. The manufacturing facility is expected to start operations by the beginning of 2016 and will produce PAG lubricant base stocks along with formulated blends.

Polyalkylene glycol base stocks are used in finished lubricants for gear oils or compressor oils as well as in metalworking applications or fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.

With this multi-million-dollar investment, BASF continues to support the global growth of synthetic lubricant formulators who use BASF products in their final formulated lubricants.

Through the integration of BASF's largest Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, Germany, the new production unit will have full backward integration into all key raw materials including ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.

The new facility will also increase supply security for BASF's customers in the lubricant industry.

"With the new plant, we are consequently following our strategic path as a world-class leading supplier for synthetic lubricant solutions," said Martin Widmann, senior vice president of BASF's fuel and lubricant solutions business unit. "The investment represents another significant step for us as well as our customers."

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