QualiChem Introduces New Oils for Cutting, Grinding Operations

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QualiChem recently introduced a new family of low-viscosity vegetable-based straight oils for severe cutting and grinding applications on stainless steels, titanium and other exotic alloys machined in demanding industrial sectors.

The new technology in EQO-MAX series straight oils is derived from carefully selected base stocks to provide optimized viscosity, lubricity, oxidative stability and high-pressure performance.

Naturally occurring vegetable oils typically have viscosities around 35 to 38 centistokes (cSt). In order to get a vegetable-based lubricant in the range of 8 to 10 cSt, QualiChem chemists searched non-traditional metalworking supply channels and found a synthesized vegetable base stock that is well suited for the lower viscosity needs of today's high-speed and high-pressure machines.

The vegetable-derived ester chosen for EQO-MAX 714 delivers a combination of thermal and oxidative stability, high flash point, low viscosity and low odor. The premium oils also eliminate foaming when running in modern high-pressure coolant delivery systems at 1,000 pounds per square inch or higher.

"Our new generation EQO-MAX low-viscosity vegetable-derived straight oils provide a rapid return on investment by reducing coolant usage rates, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity," said Mike Forest, QualiChem's director of metalworking. "And since vegetable oil is a naturally renewable resource, it is more environmentally friendly."

Headquartered in Salem, Va., QualiChem's product portfolio includes synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, metal cleaners and corrosion preventatives. For more information, visit www.qualichem.com.

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