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Lubrication Engineers (LE) Inc. recently introduced Almamoly HD Grease, a high-performance grease containing a special blend of solid lubricants and a calcium sulfonate thickener. Formulated to withstand elevated temperatures, heavy loads and exposure to water, Almamoly HD Grease is intended for long-lasting use in heavy-duty mobile equipment such as that used in construction, agriculture, open-pit mining and road building.

Almamoly HD Grease contains Almasol, LE's proprietary solid additive, as well as 5-percent molybdenum disulfide (also known as molydisulfide or moly). The combination of moly and Almasol helps to ensure reliable wear-resistant lubrication, staying in place even when the lubricant is squeezed out of the contact zone due to extreme pressure or heavy shock loading.

The calcium sulfonate thickener provides additional performance features for extreme conditions. It prevents rust and corrosion, has a very high dropping point, and exhibits mechanical stability and extreme pressure properties.

"Purchasing a high-quality heavy-duty grease is much less expensive than repairing or replacing parts and equipment and losing valuable production time," said Darren Booth, LE's vice president of operations. "By using a calcium sulfonate thickener with the synergistic combination of molydisulfide and Almasol solids, we have come up with a robust grease formulation that will protect heavy equipment from extreme wear and tough operating conditions."

Almamoly HD Grease can be used for equipment that requires or specifies greases containing solid lubricants, including heavy-duty mobile equipment requiring 5-percent moly grease. Typical applications include articulated trucks, backhoes, bulldozers, conveyors, crushers, excavators, loaders and shovels. It is especially useful for swiveling and pivoting parts including articulated joints, bucket pins, sleeve bearings, pivot bearings, hinge pins, latches, locks, spindles, threaded parts, cams and slides.

Almamoly HD Grease (1488) comes in 14-ounce grease tubes, 35-pound pails and drum-sized bulk containers. It can also be used in automatic lubricators and centralized lubrication systems.

For more information, visit www.LElubricants.com.

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