SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Address: P.O. Box 682
Cobourg, ON. K9A 4R5

Phone: 800-667-5325
Email: hearmore@sdtultrasound.com
Website: http://sdtultrasound.com/

Company Profile

SDT provides ultrasound solutions that give our customers a greater understanding
about the health of their factory. We help them predict failures, control
energy costs and improve product quality while contributing to the overall
uptime of their assets.

Ultrasound detectors detect high frequency sound pressure waves. Using a mixing filter, they translate those waves into representative signals that humans can comfortably hear.

They are sensitive to defects that product Friction, Impacting, and Turbulence. This is the case for most every failure mode associated with any asset. So if you ever wonder where you can use ultrasound, ask yourself… does it produce Friction? Does it produce Impacting? Does it product turbulent flow? If the answer is “YES”, then ultrasound is a FIT to find that defect.

At SDT we identified the primary areas where ultrasound makes your life better and we define these as the 8 Application Pillars. They include:

*  Mechanical Inspection

*  Leak Detection

*  Bearing Lubrication

*  Electrical Inspection

*  Valves

*  Steam Trap Systems

*  Hydraulics

*  Tightness Testing

Ultrasound is widely considered by most reliability leaders to be the most versatile asset condition management technology. Because it owns the apex of the P-F curve it should be your first line of defense for practically any defect and failure mode.

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