November 2023

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Paul Farless

Achieving a goal doesn’t happen on a whim. My personal process for achieving goals is to assess, plan and execute. My personal process for achieving goals is very similar to the process that can help your plant achieve its lubrication goals.

Greg Livingstone, Fluitec; Cody Evans, ExxonMobil

Severe shear-stress is a degradation pathway that affects lubricants in certain turbomachinery applications, particularly those operating at high speeds and under heavy load. A major challenge with shear-stress deposits, or hot varnish, is that because the degradation occurs at a localized level and sticks to metal components, the bulk oil is always detectable with oil analysis alone.

Tim Hall, GreaseBoss

It’s been estimated that, globally, unplanned downtime costs companies millions in lost production hours and more than $800 billion in lost revenue. These major costs in productivity can mostly be attributed to incorrect and inadequate greasing of machinery. Before diving into solutions, it's important to know just what downtime is and the potential issues it can create.

Noria Media

Sustainability and eco-friendly lubricants represent a new frontier in lubrication programs for industries worldwide. As the environmental imperative continues to grow, adopting sustainable lubrication practices is not only a responsible choice but also a smart business decision.

Noria Media

Couplings play a vital role in connecting two shafts together to make sure they spin at the same speed, while also providing vibration absorption, and shock absorption. These components are often found in various industrial machines, automobiles, and other mechanical devices. Regreasing a coupling is a necessary process to ensure its longevity and proper functionality.

Noria Media

Welcome to another episode of Gear Talk. In this episode, Wes sits down with Jeremy Drury, a leading expert in IoT, to explore its impact on the maintenance and reliability world. IoT has been hyped up for a while now, and thanks to Jeremy, we're getting some practical information on where to start with IoT, what's realistic for the industry, and what the future of reliability looks like.

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

The term "the new normal" has been used countless times over the last several years. In the workplace, this has included analyzing many business principles and changing organizations to allow such things as working from home, having a social impact on your work, and focusing on mental health. In our realm, the new normal is still very much the same business as usual.

Bennett Fitch, Noria Corporation

In this article, we've challenged the default reliance on OEM recommendations, encompassing many factors, including machine design, industry standards, warranty concerns, and cost-efficiency considerations. Meanwhile, with a plantwide perspective, lubricant selection is altered with broader operational objectives like daily efficiencies, TCO, and machine reliability.

Noria Media

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