May 2024

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Join Wes as he speaks with Jody Parsons. Jody is a leadership development coach and will be talking about how you can effectively lead during changes with your reliability and lubrication programs within your organization. Find out ways to strengthen employee engagement and change the status quo. Leaders ask questions to gather information and work toward ways to make the team better.

Jeremie Edwards, Georgia Pacific

If you have ever worked in or around a paper facility, you might be familiar with the steam, smell, pulp, and water that seem to be everywhere. As you can imagine, contamination control is extremely important for the equipment's reliability. So, focusing on reliability and contamination control will have a direct impact on production.

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

If we were to plot out the major steps in performing lubrication work there would be at least seven overarching steps, with many sub-steps below them. Keep in mind this is only related to performing the actual lubrication work and doesn’t include anything related to maintaining the lube room, interpreting oil analysis reports, receiving incoming lubricants, or the countless other sub-tasks.

Tribology. It's a funny-sounding word you might not have heard before, but it could change how you see and interact with the physical world, says mechanical engineer Jennifer Vail.

Austin O'Kelley, Noria Corporation

The first quarter of 2024 marked a significant stride in Noria Corporation's commitment to advancing industrial knowledge across Europe. Our inaugural series of Lunch & Learn events took place in London, the greater Birmingham area, Edinburgh, and Dublin, educating and engaging professionals deeply in the critical areas of machinery lubrication and reliability.

Brian Burks, CLS, MLE, OMA I, AMSOIL Industrial

In the ever-evolving landscape of machinery reliability, adaptation is key to success. As industries face supply constraints in the lithium market, the spotlight is increasingly shifting toward alternative lubrication technologies, with calcium sulfonate complex grease emerging as a frontrunner.

Noria Media

The role of tribology in the industrial sector cannot be overstated. As companies continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, the contributions of tribologists will be increasingly valued. By advancing our understanding and application of tribology, industries can look forward to robust and reliable machinery and also significant enhancements in performance.