February 2023

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Wes Cash

For improvement to be possible, we must be able to measure; to measure, we must be able to observe. This is where many fall short in their lubrication program — there is no way to observe the program, so it can’t be measured or improved. The industry needs a method to manage the chaos associated with lubrication — the industry needs a Lubrication Management System.

Steffen Nyman Morten Henneberg

We have known for decades that clean oil will improve system reliability and uptime, as well as prolong component and oil life in service. This is especially top of mind for wind turbine owners and operators.

Noria Media

Rolling-element bearings are found in everything from electric motors to gearboxes to conveyor systems. Basically, if a shaft needs to spin, it can be (and most of the time is) supported by a rolling-element bearing. However, the actual makeup of these devices can vary significantly based on the application. Use this field guide to understand different bearing types and applications.

Noria Media

A bullseye sight glass is a transparent window at the oil level, typically made of glass or durable plastic, that allows users to observe oil conditions inside a piece of machinery. Learn why these sight glasses are used and how to properly implement them into your inspection process.

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The Blue Buffalo plant in Richmond, Indiana, is the focus of this month’s “Lube Champs” feature. The 450,000-square-foot plant first opened its doors in June 2019. Management knew that for the plant to be competitive, they needed a strong reliability culture and a focus on proactive maintenance and lubrication.

Bennett Fitch

One of the most important contributions to the field of machinery lubrication was made by Elijah McCoy, an inventor who developed the first automatic lubricator for steam engines. His invention helped push advancement, and its influence can still be seen today.

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