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Leak rate quantification technology is critical to identifying the size and severity of compressed air and gas leaks, thus assisting managers in determining repair priorities. The larger the leak, the more waste. Waste in compressed air systems leads to inefficiency, reduced product quality, and increased utility expenses. Leak rate quantification is built into high-quality acoustic imaging cameras. Understanding how the technology works helps technicians and managers make better use of it in their own plants and facilities.
With the increasing pace of technology, the world of work and EHS has already changed rapidly and will continue to do so. New and emerging technologies have and will continue to evolve how workers in the oil & gas industry perform their tasks and how organizations protect their workforces. Download this e-book to learn how to successfully manage remote workers and operations and leverage Industry 4.0 data to gain visibility and report on sustainability.
The economic value of using a high performance kidney loop filtration system to keep the oil servo valve clean. It was able to return the oil cleanliness to servo valve clean within hours and keep it below the recommended levels for an extended time.

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