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Lost air is a significant source of wasted energy in a compressed air system and can account for as much as 20% to 30% of the compressor’s output. A comprehensive preventative maintenance program and an inclusion troubleshooting plan are necessary to operate an efficient system. Repairing leaks is just not enough. Learn how active condensate management plays a significant role in productivity and profitability for every size facility. When a facility staff can quantify the costs of their systems and determine an accurate budget, including the return on investment, productivity and profitability will increase.
An in-depth look at Luneta’s Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) and how it can improve your lubrication program.
The economic value of using a high performance kidney loop filtration system to keep the oil servo valve clean. It was able to return the oil cleanliness to servo valve clean within hours and keep it below the recommended levels for an extended time.
There are three important inspection zones in common oil reservoirs and sumps. These zones have a story to tell about your oil and machine. Learn about these three inspection zone and how to improve machine reliability.

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