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Using the RCM model of determining failure modes, this paper takes apart lubricant failures specific to all related processes. It covers failures associated with temperature, moisture and particles so that they can be understood and eliminated. There is also a discussion on lubrication program failures that are common in most operating plants around the world.
Winning the war on water contamination starts with recognizing it for the threat it is and taking steps to remove it- quickly! This paper outlines methods for water removal. Winning this war will dramatically extend component and lubricant life.
How do we get the point across to management that Lubrication Excellence equals good business? Isn’t this the big question? Among the more frequently asked questions in lubrication training courses is “how do I make management understand the importance of this stuff?” The question is usually followed by the statement that “we need it, but I can’t seem to get the message across to them.” There are lots of reasons why you can’t get management onboard, but they can generally be reduced to two broad categories: the lack of access and inability to speak the same language.

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