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Oil degradation in today’s complex hydraulic systems is an unfortunate reality creating unwanted and damaging wear particles in some of the by-products of oil degradation. These by-product conditions cause a breeding ground for sludge, varnish, and overall system failure. Y2K Filtration offers 5 steps to prevent varnish creation in your system.
Big Data, IoT, Industry 4.0, The Cloud, Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, and Hybrid Analytics what are they? Is unsupervised machine learning the way of the future? Is this the death knell for data analyst? How will unsupervised data interpretation affect a company’s bottom line and its assets? Is there a way to utilize all of these individual parts for a total plant management plan? This new white paper from PdMA investigates these questions and attempts to answer the bigger question: Will unsupervised machine learning be enough to maintain motor and plant reliability?
While industrial lubricants only make up 1% of plant operational costs, the lack of proper lubrication or application can have an adverse impact on total maintenance costs and downtime. Learn how to balance lube compatibility & cost without sacrificing performance.

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