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Different lubricants serve different functions. While performing well in its intended application, a high-quality turbine lube would not perform well in an application that requires engine oil. One way to ensure you're selecting a durable grease that is suited to your specific application is through grease testing.
How do we get the point across to management that Lubrication Excellence equals good business? Isn’t this the big question? Among the more frequently asked questions in lubrication training courses is “how do I make management understand the importance of this stuff?” The question is usually followed by the statement that “we need it, but I can’t seem to get the message across to them.” There are lots of reasons why you can’t get management onboard, but they can generally be reduced to two broad categories: the lack of access and inability to speak the same language.
Something must be done to help companies backfill positions that will soon be open. One study shows that 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled by 2025 and of those, 2 million (57%) will remain vacant due to what is known as the skills gap. Training plans that are targeted directly to imparting the skills required to perform tasks need to be developed. Often overlooked, lubrication tasks are among the most important tasks that need to be done correctly every time. A robust product to impart those skills is Noria’s Task-Based Training.

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