Official Guidelines for Content Submissions

Noria publications accepts articles, case studies and press releases that capture the latest information surrounding lubrication and reliability. Before submitting your piece, please review these content submission guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Why write for us? 

Noria is a leader in lubrication with a global maintenance and reliability audience that spans both print and digital media. With a print readership of 46,000 and 20 years in circulation, Machinery Lubrication gathers the latest lubrication knowledge and best practices from a growing range of experts in the field. In addition, delivers this knowledge to over 250,000 online visitors each month.
We are always looking for new valuable content to provide to our audiences. We take great pride in providing those in the industrial space a platform to share their expertise and experience and to highlight the voices of people working in the field every day.  

Types of Content Accepted 

Articles: ML’s content deals with every aspect of lubrication-enabled reliability from selection to handling and application to condition monitoring.  Submit an informative article highlighting a process or concept pertaining to lubrication information and best practices. Refer to the Ascend model for a complete list of topics. 
Example article
Case study: Highlight a problem your plant faced, the process of forming a solution, and results that followed. Be sure to include any critical statistics to supplement your case.   
Example case study
Press release: If your company has news to share (new product, expansion, etc.), let our readers know in the form of a press release.  
Example press release

Submission Guidelines 

Follow the submission instructions in the form below. 
NOTE: Your initial submission should be a word document version of your article only. If the file is too large to submit, you may need to remove images from the word document. Once we have received this “text-only” version of your submission, our editorial team will reach out to you to collect images or additional materials you may wish to include. 
All submissions must include: 
  • Word Document Version of Your Piece (Under 10Mb File Size, see the form for details) 
  • Title 
  • Author Name 
  • (Optional) Name and homepage link of company 
  • (Optional) Author Bio (Less than 200 words) 
  • Any References or Citations Used to Create the Article (please include these in the body of your Word Document) 
All submissions will go through the Noria publications editorial process, including edits for clarity, technical accuracy, and grammar. Authors will receive a byline with a biography and link to a website homepage of their choice.