AMETEK Brookfield

Address: 3375 N Delaware St
Chandler, Arizona. 85225
United States

Phone: 8005287411

Company Profile

Computrac®, by AMETEK Brookfield (formerly Arizona Instrument), is a recognized leader in accurate and repeatable moisture, solids and ash analyzers. Backed by ASTM D7546, the Vapor Pro® XL is a moisture-specific, reagent-free Karl Fischer alternative, while the MAX 4000XL and MAX 5000XL are rugged, reliable loss-on-drying and loss-on-ignition moisture analyzers. Computrac moisture analyzers are ideal for testing both new and in-service lubricating oils and greases. The Vapor Pro XL provides water specific moisture analysis results without the use of hazardous reagents, specially designed glassware, or complicated test procedures. Where mercaptans, sulfides, ketones, aldehydes, amines, carbonates, chromates and several other types of chemicals are common interferes for Karl Fischer, the VPXL remains unaffected.

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