Grease Thief

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York, PA. 17401

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Email: info@mrgcorp.com
Website: http://www.greasethief.com

Company Profile

Grease analysis is finally accessible and becoming a valued tool in the toolbox of asset managers. Oil analysis has long been established in condition monitoring, but grease lubricated equipment has been overlooked because of the challenges in getting a good grease sample. The Grease Thief technology provides a reliable and cost-effective grease analysis solution. The Grease Thief utilizes the best practices outlined in ASTM D7718 to obtain representative samples, and ASTM D7918 to provide up to 10 analysis tests with just one gram of grease. Wear, Consistency, Contamination and Oxidation can all be evaluated with just 1 gram of grease! Customized grease test slates are designed to identify the specific failure modes that may be compromising the life of the grease and the component. Each analysis report comes with comments and recommendations unique to the component to improve reliability. Data is gathered through sample barcode labels and communicated back to the customer in real-time through our NAVIGATOR (TM) web-based data analytics app.

Other laboratories and end-users can take advantage of the Grease Thief technology with the below products, including several training opportunities. Training courses include classroom time and hands-on time in the lab.

Grease Thief Colorimeter
Grease Thief Analyzer
GreaseMonkeyTM Robotic Grease Analyzer
Grease Thief Sampling Kits
Industry Focused Workshops
Certification Training including: MLA, MLT, LLA

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