Next Generation Filtration Systems, LP

Address: 3000 McKnight East Drive, Suite 405
3000 McKnight East Drive, Suite 405 Pittsburgh, PA. 15237

Phone: 412-548-1659

Company Profile

Next Generation Filtration Systems, LP designs and manufactures the Conserver® Oil Purification System. Founded in 2009, the corporate office is in Pittsburgh, PA. All parts are manufactured and assembled at the company’s facility in Ford City, PA.

The Conserver® is a patented and third-party validated system that dramatically improves the life efficiencies of lubricating fluids and the equipment it services by keeping fluids free of destructive contaminants.

Our focus is creating tailored units for every customer. The Conserver® Oil Purification System cleans and dries oil and hydraulic fluids at a rated efficiency while extending drainage periods dramatically. The system is scalable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications including gasoline and diesel engines, turbines, transformers, generators and all hydraulic systems.

Through its patented two-stage system, the Conserver® continuously keeps oil and hydraulic fluids free of the most insidious contaminant and catalyst that fluids must deal with, WATER.

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