Inolex Chemical Company

Address: 2101 South Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19148-3497

Phone: 800-2-INOLEX

Company Profile

H1 lubricant with excellent performance at extreme temperatures! Inolex Chemical Company is introducing a new standard in food grade lubricants. With over 130 years in the industry, Inolex has engineered a line of ester-based H1 lubricants that remain stable where operating temperatures reach up to 550°F (288°C): Lexolube® FG-OCL product series.

Inolex also supplies high quality synthetic base stocks, primarily for metalworking and high temperature applications. For metalworking, Inolex offers unique, hydrolytically stable and biostable lubricity additives. For high temperature applications, complex polyol base stocks suitable for greases, chain oils, and fire resistant hydraulic fluids are available.

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