SKF Maintenance Products

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The Netherlands


Company Profile

SKF lubrication platform comprehends lubrication management consultancy services, Lubricants, lubrication tools and automatic lubrication systems that range from single point automatic lubricators to a complete portfolio of centralised lubrication systems.

The latter, has been strengthened with the acquisition by the SKF Group of the VOGEL Group, Safematic lubrication systems and Lincoln Industrial, reinforcing SKF engineering capabilities and knowledge.

Likewise, in over 100 years, SKF has accrued vast knowledge about the interaction of lubricants, materials and surfaces. This knowledge has led SKF, in many cases, to set industry standards in bearing lubricant testing. Emcor, ROF, ROF+, V2F, R2F and Bequiet are just some of the multiple tests developed by SKF to assess the performance of lubricants under bearing operating conditions. Many of them are widely used by lubricant manufacturers worldwide. 

As result of this knowledge, SKF lubricants offer major competitive advantages:
Designed and tested to outperform under real conditions
Product data include specific test results enabling a better selection
Strict quality control of every production batch helps ensure consistent performance
Quality control allows SKF to offer a five–year shelf-life (two for food grade lubricants) from the date of production

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