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Today, many want to "go green" in various aspects of their lives. The question is what does this mean? It is typically meant to be a business or lifestyle choice to act in environmentally friendly ways. Is "green" a legitimate term or is it just marketing fluff meant to sell product, promote a company, or make us feel good? The answers to this question can vary from person to person, business to business, and even government to government. Common terms that have been used to define something as green include: renewable, recyclable, reusable, nontoxic or less toxic, energy conserving, and waste reducing.
Bearings are not meant to last forever; failure mechanisms are inevitable. Trying to understand what affects bearing life has produced many common misconceptions—especially incorrect assumptions about how long a bearing should last. In this white paper Andy Page will discuss the various failure modes of bearings, including the role of lubrication and fatigue. Through understanding the factors that contribute to and accelerate this process, plant personnel will gain a more realistic expectation of bearing health and lifecycles and will be well prepared to move from reactive maintenance to condition-based maintenance and thus greater reliability.
Deliver the right amount of lubricant in the right way with this comprehensive guide on "Proper Bearing Lubricating Procedures" from Klüber Lubrication. This 9-part guide covers all critical areas, including: proper bearing cleaning, calculating lubricant fill quantity and free space, run-in procedures and much more. Get your Guide now.
Corrosive plant environments are among the most serious threats to the pulp and paper industry, contributing to extensive production downtime and exorbitant maintenance costs. In many instances, assets are allowed to operate to failure before repairs are even planned. This paper explains how the latest automated lubrication systems can help reduce unscheduled maintenance and ensure optimum equipment performance, even in harsh environments.

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