Machinery Lubrication December 2017

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To commemorate its 100th issue, Machinery Lubrication presents 100 things you should know to develop a world-class lubrication program.

This year’s Lube Room Challenge entries showcase how designing a proper lube room not only is an important step in the journey toward lubrication excellence but can also increase a company’s…

Al Smiley, GPM Hydraulic Consulting

Directional valves are some of the most fundamental components of a hydraulic system. With a greater understanding of how these valves work, you should be able to better troubleshoot your sy…

Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

There are several good reasons to perform a short-volume oil change, but there are also many dangers as well as a few alternatives that should be considered.

Wes Cash, Noria Corporation

One of the best ways to achieve fault-free operation of paper machines is to ensure all frictional surfaces are properly lubricated. Most paper machines have hundreds, if not thousands, of lube points that require periodic application of oil or grease. There are bearings, gears, couplings, journals, cylinders and valves which must all receive the right grease or oil at the right time...

Alejandro Meza, Noria Corporation

The pharmaceutical industry has seen an increasing interest in the use of food-grade lubricants. While these lubricants can be beneficial, several factors must be taken into account.

Devin Jarrett, Noria Corporation

Find out which tests you should perform to select the right grease for centralized lubrication systems. The results of these tests will help you make a more informed decision.

Alan Knight has been keenly aware of the importance of performing lubrication the right way since his time as a leader of a reliability program assessment team.

Bryan Johnson

Identifying the requirements for certification testing is often not straightforward. Fortunately, online tools can help make the process easier.