Machinery Lubrication March 2011

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Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation

The Patch Test - Comparing Particle Analysis Methods Using Membranes

Drew Troyer

How to pair oil analysis and vibration analysis for managing the reliability of common mechanical equipment in your plant.

Stephen Sumerlin

Proper lubrication isn't just about the right amount at the right time in the right place, it's also about keeping lubricants clean, cool and identified.

Brendan Casey

In a condition-based maintenance environment, the decision to change out a hydraulic pump or motor is usually based on remaining bearing life or deteriorating efficiency, whichever occurs...

John Adam, a mechanic at the ConAgra facility in Milton., Pa., is leading the lubrication team at his plant. He began his career in maintenance in the early 1980s after leaving the United States...

Jodie Prieto-Salazar, a Quality Tech with ConAgra, has been with the company for almost four years and is currently working toward becoming a Quality Tech II. She, along with her other co-workers,...

Ashley Mayer

An explanation of the typical classes of oil lubricated industrial machinery and the tests that are most commonly available.

Jeff Billington, Noria Corporation

Clopay Plastics lube tech Scotty Lippert explains how proper lubrication techniques have helped slow down parts replacement.

Suzy Jamieson, ICML

Maintenance practitioners in the Philippines now have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn best practices in their very place of belonging - catering specific for the practitioners...

Jeremy Wright, Noria Corporation

What makes today's automotive filters better than those of the past?