Fast, Accurate System For Lubricant Analysis

The self-contained viscometer system consists of a thermostatic bath with circular heater and a systems operation control column. The bath contains four patented viscometer tubes (which operate independently of each other) with optical sensors to detect the flow of oil through the tubes. The control column contains an LCD display that provides the user with information concerning the system's status, and LEDs indicate each tube's status. For applications involving extensive data-handling requirements, an optional external computer can be used.


The Spectro-Visc is beneficial for the oil analysis laboratory because features such as the viscometer tubes can be replaced without the need to drain the bath or realign the optical sensors. This entire process takes approximately three to five minutes, which is important in laboratories where sample throughput is crucial and technicians are not always available to perform maintenance.

Other features of the viscometer include:

  • Compliant with requirements for ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104

  • High throughput - up to 60 samples per hour to ASTM precision

  • Small sample volume - 0.3 to 0.6 ml

  • Low solvent consumption - 2.5ml per sample

  • Easy to use

  • Automatic flow time measurement

  • Fully automatic cleaning and drying

  • Single or dual solvent injection system

  • Optional dual measurement capability

  • Chemically resistant system

The system can also carry out analyses without the need of an external computer, an advantage in laboratories utilizing the laboratory information management system (LIMS) where an additional computer is not required.

The viscometer operates in two modes: standard viscosity determinations or measuring tube calibration. In both modes, the user selects how many determinations must be made for an average result. The operator controls additional parameters such as tube constants and cleaning cycles.

Table 1. Specifications

The analysis procedure of the semiautomatic system begins when the user manually injects less than one milliliter of sample into the measuring tube. Before reaching the capillary, the sample warms up to bath temperature as it travels down the tube, where it collects in the horizontal arm. Measuring time is initiated when the bottom of the oil column reaches the first optical sensor. The busy signal LED light for the tube displays, indicating the measurement has begun. The sample travels down the capillary and the system terminates the measuring time when the second optical sensor is reached. At this time, the kinematic viscosity result for the tube will be shown on the LCD screen.

Upon completing the measurements, the system automatically initiates the cleaning cycle by draining the tube, performing the user-specified number of cleaning solvent injections and then drying the tube. An optional dual cleaning solvent system is also available for difficult and heavily contaminated samples. The entire cycle time from sample injection to data readout ranges from four to eight minutes per tube when ASTM D445 precision is required. Sample throughput can be increased considerably by reducing cycle times for used oil analysis applications based on trending.

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