What is Your Condition Monitoring Program Costing You?

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Global condition monitoring services company Azima DLI on March 23 announced its new WATCHMAN In-House Condition Monitoring Program Cost Calculator. The online program allows plant and maintenance managers to quickly calculate the annualized cost of current machine condition monitoring programs to help determine the right mix of on-site and outsourced solutions.


For those companies that have decided to launch a condition monitoring initiative for the first time, or are planning to expand their current program and need help getting started, Azima DLI also announced its WATCHMAN Quickstart Program. The six-month program is designed to help companies quickly achieve return on investment by breaking the program down into three distinct phases that emphasize guided study, mentorship and ongoing support.


Calculating the Cost of Condition Monitoring

After users complete a brief questionnaire on the Azima DLI Web site (www.azimadli.com), the WATCHMAN Cost Calculator produces a detailed assessment to help plant and maintenance managers better answer questions such as:

·        What is the annualized cost of current condition monitoring programs?

·        What are the costs associated with condition monitoring program expansion?

·        Is outsourcing a cost-effective choice to address existing condition monitoring needs?


With the Calculator’s ability to quickly analyze factors such as start-up costs and cost-per-machine, managers don’t have to spend time wrestling with complex spreadsheets to gain a better understanding of the financial impact of current condition monitoring programs. Azima DLI’s detailed, accurate reports help determine if existing programs are as cost-effective as possible, and if expanding or outsourcing certain elements would be a sound business decision.


“The WATCHMAN Cost Calculator has been a big eye opener for customers that are re-evaluating existing programs, and for prospects that are just getting started with considering condition monitoring options,” said Jonathan Hakim, president, Azima DLI. “For companies that have decided to launch in-house programs, we have already had great success with the personalized, hands-on Quickstart program that helps customers meet their goals for establishing a continuous, sustainable and cost-effective condition monitoring program.”


Establishing Rapid Time to Value for Condition Monitoring Programs

Azima DLI’s research has shown that many condition monitoring programs struggle in their first year. This can be attributed to ineffective implementation or protracted start-up phases that cost companies money in lost opportunities and unrealized benefits. In order to speed the development of sustainable, cost effective programs, Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Quickstart offering is implemented over a six month period across three specific phases:

·        Initialization – Azima DLI engineers handle initial on-site machine set up and create databases to support data collection and review.

·        Structured study and co-analysis – Azima DLI’s expert analysts kick off monthly data reviews, fine-tune databases and generate machine condition reports and alerts.

·        Mentorship and continued training – Customers are trained to analyze their own data and understand the best courses of action based on the data analysis. Azima DLI provides a second review of all analysis and provides feedback to the analysts, helping them to further their new skills. At the end of the six-month training program, customers will be able to confidently manage an effective condition monitoring program. If a customer experiences staffing or business model changes, Azima DLI can be available to manage the entire program as a fully outsourced service.


To learn more about Azima DLI’s Cost Calculator and Quickstart program, contact Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services professionals toll free in the U.S. at 800-482-2290 or worldwide at 781-938-0707.


About Azima DLI

Azima DLI is the only global condition monitoring services company exclusively focused on delivering accurate and timely equipment diagnostics to industrial plants, transportation organizations and the military. Azima DLI’s expert analysts, advanced software and flexible, Web-based delivery model provide customers with the information they need for insightful decision making that lowers maintenance costs and improves industrial reliability. Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services combine industry best practices with advanced technology to support sustainable, ROI-driven programs that improve equipment uptime and performance. Azima DLI is headquartered in Woburn, Mass., with offices across the U.S. and international representation in Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe and South America.

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