GreaseMax Solves Electric Motor Lubrication Issues

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Lubrication improvements can significantly assist in increasing the life and reliability of electric motors. Premature motor failure is likely to be caused by bearing failure, for which lubrication is a major factor.


Lubricants have a finite life so re-lubrication is essential for long term motor reliability. However, relubrication itself can introduce human error factors which will reduce motor life such as the application of the wrong grease, too much grease, or missed lubrication.


The way in which a motor is re-lubricated has a significant influence on the outcome. Regreasing the motor with the motor stopped (as is mostly the case to comply with OH&S requirements) may result in a temporary excess of grease and this excess being forced into the motor internals when the motor is re-started, even if the motor has a grease relief.


Grease purging from the relief when a stopped motor is greased indicates an over-filled bearing but this purging may not be enough to prevent excess grease still remaining from getting into the motor internals when the motor is restarted. 


Typically the greasing may be done on a down-day so that the motor is cold. In these conditions older, or colder grease in the grease relief may make the relief less functional and an excess grease input may not exit via the grease relief as it will do if greasing is done with the motor operating, the temperatures stabilised and in this condition the grease relief functioning more effectively.

Continuous lubrication provides the best lubrication results for improved bearing life. Regreasing the motor when it is running allows a more effective, controlled result. Bearing life is improved, there is a reduced possibility of excess grease being applied and contaminating the motor internals, and the problems of the wrong grease being used, foreign matter contamination from dirty grease nipples or lubrication being missed are eliminated. 

GreaseMax single point automatic lubricators provide a continuous controlled grease output and are ideal for motor lubrication. GreaseMax overcomes motor lubrication problems and works reliably in all conditions – hot, cold, wet, vibrating, and without maintenance or adjustment. This adds up to less maintenance downtime and therefore increased productivity and ROI.

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