Tri-Flow Lubricant Keeps Equipment Running Longer

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Krylon Products Group provides Tri-Flow Industrial Lubricant, which effectively penetrates inaccessible areas to deposit lubrication and displace contaminants. Applications include bearings, cables, nuts and bolts, air power tools, ball and socket joints, conveyors, cutting tools, drive chains, electric power tools, gears, glides, hinges, linkages, precision tools, rollers, taps, dies and valves.

Tri-Flow Industrial Lubricant is a unique formula containing premium oils, micron-sized synthetic particles, PTFE and additives that ensure lasting protection. It deposits a film to reduce friction and wear, inhibit rust formation and other corrosive buildup, and displaces moisture, dirt and contaminants. Tri-Flow lubricant provides long-term rejection of dust, sand, salt spray and other abrasive or corrosive elements.

Ideal for both preventive and corrective maintenance, Tri-Flow is non-staining, and can withstand temperature extremes from minus-60 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, while tolerating high humidity environments. It is NSF registered, H2 (indirect food contact) rated for use in food processing facilities.. Tri-Flow Industrial Lubricant is available in both non-aerosol and aerosol formulations.

To watch a short video on Tri-Flow Industrial Lubricant, visit www.youtube.com/user/KrylonProductsGroup.

Krylon Products Group offers a comprehensive line of commercial products to meet the specific and dynamic application needs of the industrial and contractor end-user market. Under its Krylon Industrial, Sprayon, Tri-Flow, White Lightning and Rubberset brand names, the company manufactures and supplies premium paints, applicators, lubricants, electronic cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and caulks for use in numerous industries. With its vast product development resources, Krylon Products Group holds a leadership position in technological advances, developing new innovations and consistently improving product offerings to deliver high-quality, high-performance solutions.

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