How to Pour Oil from a Container without Spilling

Advice for Pouring Oil

5 gallon pail

Have you noticed that when you open a new five-gallon pail of fluid, pull up the spout and try to pour it, that it “glugs,” spills and pours half of the first gallon down the side of the pail?

Solution: Rotate the new full pail 180 degrees, and pour with the spout at the top rather than the bottom. When you do that, not only will it keep from “glugging,” but the spout is horizontal rather than pointing upward, so nothing runs down the side of the pail. Submitted by Daryl Beatty, Dow Chemical

Grease Storage Tip

Store tubes of greases vertically, not on their sides. This will minimize the amount of grease lost from bleeding, keeping the containers and storage area in better condition.

dessicant breather

Benefits of Using a Desiccant Breather

Do you operate your plant equipment in areas with high atmospheric humidity? Do you frequently shut off your equipment long enough for it to cool down? Do you have personnel who wash down your equipment frequently?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably a candidate for a desiccant type breather for your circulating reservoirs. Desiccant breathers offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Prohibit entry of moisture and particulate contamination (leading causes of system failure).

  • Prevent lubrication system contamination.

  • Extend life of lubricants, filters and machinery.

  • Reduce maintenance costs.

  • Keep equipment running clean and dry.

All of these benefits contribute to optimum performance of equipment with minimal downtime.

Want to find out if you need desiccant breathers? Go take a look at any 10 breathers currently installed on your equipment. Are they mesh screens? Are they caked with dirt and dust? Do you see signs of rust? Do they appear to need cleaning or service? Can you wipe rust off the inside of the piping or the reservoir inside casing?

If you are answering yes to these questions, then you are a candidate.

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