Ultrachem Updates Online Resource on Synthetic Lubricants

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Ultrachem Inc. has updated its online synthetic lubricant resource guide at www.ultracheminc.com to include new information on food-grade, high-pressure and gas compression lubricants.


An extensive synthetic lubricants cross-reference guide makes it easy for knowledgeable professionals to select the proper oil for a particular application, cross-referencing Ultrachem’s solutions with the products offered by dozens of competitors. The site also lists Ultrachem’s range of military specification and NSN lubricants, including assembly fluid, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid and petroleum base hydraulic fluid, along with a variety of lubricating oils.

www.ultracheminc.com provides essential information on topics such as how long compressor oil will last at a particular temperature, conditions necessitating frequent oil changes and recommendations to extend compressor life. The site also offers answers to questions about mixing different oils, and features a compatibility guide of Ultrachem’s diester and polyolester oils and greases with seal materials, paints, plastics and metals.

Synthetic lubricants are used in a wide variety of applications where petroleum-based lubricants can’t meet the necessary requirements for performance and reliability under adverse conditions of time, temperature and wear. Ultrachem’s synthetic lubricants, oils, coolants, greases and gels can provide higher performance, longer life, more efficiency, lower maintenance cost and less environmental impact for compressors and vacuum pumps, chains, gears, assembly lines and variety of other applications.

Established in 1965, Ultrachem is one of the oldest specialty synthetic lubricant compounders and has become a leading supplier to the OEM and industrial maintenance markets. With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Delaware, Ultrachem offers a wide range of products including food grade lubricants, impregnating oils and gels, high pressure compression lubricants, and gas compression lubricants. Ultrachem is a member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA).

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