Oil analysis provider unveils unique services

Insight Services

Insight Services, Inc., an independent provider of industrial oil analysis services located in Cleveland, Ohio, has announced the details of its brand TESTOIL, which represents the company’s full-service oil testing laboratory services. According to Insight Services, TESTOIL offers a comprehensive range of oil analysis testing services that help reliability engineers save money by alerting them of potential machine problems before catastrophic failure occurs. 

“Insight Services has been providing exceptional oil analysis services for nearly 25 years and the TESTOIL brand continues that tradition,” explained Dan Richards, president and CEO of Insight Services. “We have always kept our promise of providing customers with same day turnaround on test results and will continue to provide customers with the highest caliber of laboratory expertise available under the TESTOIL brand.”

At www.testoil.com, customers can access report retrieval, database management, management reporting, supply procurement and more. All of their oil analysis information is stored and accessible from the customer’s own password protected at the Web site.

Insight Services is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, which demonstrates TESTOIL’s technical competence for the methods in its scope, and for the operation and effectiveness of its standardized best practice in oil testing techniques.  TESTOIL also has a diagnostic technology that assists machine condition analysts in making equipment and lubrication condition assessments.

“We are the recognized leader in the industrial oil analysis market and as we expand our marketing the TESTOIL brand becomes a logical evolution of Insight Services,” said Michael Barrett, vice president of sales and marketing.

In addition to oil testing, Insight Services offers a variety of services including on-site lubrication programs audits, lubrication and oil analysis training and on-site oil sample collection services.

For more information, visit www.testoil.com

About Insight Services, Inc.

Insight Services Inc. opened its doors in 1988 to provide Ferrographic Analysis to industry.  Since that time we have greatly expanded our oil testing laboratory in instrumentation, technology and data interpretation capabilities.  Today, TESTOIL employs a sophisticated diagnostic technology to assist our machine condition analysts in making equipment and lubrication condition assessments.

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