Magnom’s PumpMate Earns Bosch Rexroth Approval

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The Magnom™ solution to the challenge of removing aggressive microscopic magnetic contamination from hydraulic fluid circuits continues to win favor among the engineering profession. 

The company’s PumpMate product has been approved for specification by Bosch Rexroth design engineers.  Bosch Rexroth is an acknowledged global leader in industrial hydraulics with more than 500,000 customers worldwide, to whom it supplies standard and custom engineering solutions that are used in everything from lifting bridges and wind turbines to off-road machinery and vehicles.

To maintain its position as a global leader, Bosch Rexroth places stringent requirements on component suppliers. Only when all of its performance and specification requirements are tested and met will Bosch Rexroth give a component such as Magnom’s PumpMate the respected AB Standard seal of approval.

The Magnom PumpMate solves the problem of the microscopic magnetic contaminants that are so often the root cause of catastrophic system failure when sensitive system components like pumps and valves are not protected. Before the development of Magnom technology, engineers were restricted in their choice of protective filters because traditional barrier methods restrict fluid flow. Uniquely, the Magnom PumpMate filters capture particles down to sub-micron levels and are designed to protect hydraulic pumps without any restriction of flow and so they can be fitted on the suction side of pumps with negligible risk of cavitation.

“Magnom’s patented technology is a step change for hydraulic engineering, and we are delighted to have received the first orders from an organization with the reputation for excellence that Bosch Rexroth so deservedly enjoys,” said Magnom chairman Robert Spender.

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