ELM to Offer Contract Blending of Greases and Lubricants

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Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing Inc. (ELM) recently announced its decision to offer contract blending and packaging services to the industry in addition to handling the manufacturing for its branded and private label customers.

“ELM has an excess production capacity of between 5 to 10 million pounds at this time, and we would like to put that to good use,” said Alan Burgess, ELM’s operations manager. “We’ve found that offering these new services is a win-win. We’re very pleased to be able to offer these services as a viable option for businesses that don’t have a need for huge batch orders and can’t wait for weeks on end to get their orders delivered.”

Since 2000, ELM has been the only U.S.-based manufacturer and packager exclusively focused on bio-based lubricants and greases. Historically, ELM manufactured and packaged its proprietary and private label products for leading lubricant retailers in the United States.

“We have a vast built-in expertise and have become extremely efficient in manufacturing our bio-based lubricants and greases very economically,” Burgess added. “We have established ourselves as a low-cost source for contract packaging. We regularly fill grease in squeeze tubes, tubs and cartridges, and our lubricants ship out in containers ranging in size from 2-ounce dropper bottles up to 275-gallon totes or larger vessels.”

In 2009, ELM relocated to an 87,000-square-foot facility in Grundy Center, Iowa, and installed a microwave-based grease manufacturing operation unit. The company manufactures lithium-complex, food-grade, clay-based, aluminum-complex and calcium-based greases and also has an extensive line of hydraulic fluids, penetrants, gear oils, bio-based dust suppressants and many specialty lubricants.

“We have the capability to produce grease in small batches with quick turnaround times,” stated Mike Jensen, ELM product manager. “Those two factors help our customers reduce their lead times and their on-hand inventories.”

ELM’s lubricants, greases and metalworking fluids are formulated with renewable, biodegradable U.S.-grown vegetable oils, are environmentally friendly and meet or exceed industry standards.

For more information, visit www.elmusa.com.

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