On-Site Analysis Introduces Microlab

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On-Site Analysis Inc. recently introduced the OSA4 MicroLab, which uses automated technology to provide lab-quality test results in minutes. With the MicroLab, vehicle owners and equipment users can perform comprehensive, diagnostic testing for all types of lubricants on their own premises with just a push of a button.

Featuring a built-in dual temperature viscometer and particle counter, the MicroLab can test all types of lubricants from engine oils to fluids for hydraulics, transmissions, power steering, gearboxes and generators. It can also identify the presence of 20 metals, determine the test fluid’s base number and measure physical property levels for contaminants like glycol, fuel, water, nitrates and oxidation.

Designed to eliminate the need to send samples to a laboratory, the MicroLab can produce savings that average as much as 50 percent in the costs per sample tested.

“The introduction of the MicroLab reflects just how far the company has come since our early days as a testing laboratory,” said Will Willis, CEO of On-Site Analysis Inc. “In 1987, we realized that by the time lab test results were returned to our customers, the equipment was already back on the road, well before the needed repairs were made. Today, our equipment is so compact and reliable that customers in the mining industry and oil-rig operators use it in remote locations all over the world.”

For more information, visit www.on-siteanalysis.com.

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