Pareto Point Industries Honored by CleanTech Open

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Pareto Point Industries (PPI) has been selected as a semifinalist in the 2012 CleanTech Open (CTO) competition for its Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration (PBF) system. PPI is now eligible for regional and national awards, totaling $1 million in cash, products, services and media recognition.

Developed primarily for smaller engines and equipment, the Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration system is an easy-to-install technology that finely cleans motor (or any other lubricating) oil, reducing frictional and other losses caused by engine wear while optimizing performance. Finely cleaned oil allows vehicle or equipment owners to extend oil and filter changes, saving time and money while reducing the demand for resources.

“Being recognized by CleanTech Open, the world’s largest sustainable business accelerator, is a great honor,” said PPI’s chief executive officer Dr. Bob Hammer. “The mentoring and training process is helping us develop more effective ways to work closely with our customers so we can be very responsive to their needs. Through CTO, we have been exposed to a growing number of potential partners, funders, customers and mentors. We look forward to the regional competition, and then hopefully it’s on to the nationals.”

As a client of PortTechLA, a CleanTech business incubator located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles, PPI receives business coaching and mentoring.

“Working with PortTechLA has helped us develop our go-to-market strategies so that we can consistently provide our clients with real value,” said Dr. Hammer. “We are constantly fine-tuning our ability to even exceed our customers’ expectations, from technology to customer service.”

The CleanTech Open mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. Founded in 2006, the organization accelerates clean technology entrepreneurs by providing expertise, training and other support. The competition has six categories: transportation; energy efficiency; smart power; renewable energy; green buildings; and air, water and waste. The 2012 regional award judging will take place in October, while the national winners will be announced in November.

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