OilSafe Introduces Bulk Lubricant Storage and Dispensing System

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OilSafe recently announced the completion of its newly developed bulk system for lubrication fluid storage and dispensing. The OilSafe Work Center provides safe, compact bulk storage and contamination control to promote best practices for lean manufacturing, 5Rs, 5S and OSHA right-to-know compliance.

Each tank has its own pump and built-in filtration to prevent fluid cross-contamination and keep fluid storage areas organized, clean and free of the 55-gallon drums that are commonly used.

The Work Center along with OilSafe transfer containers, color-coding and labeling help eliminate spills and slowdowns while preventing mix-ups and cross-contamination. As a result, plants can employ lubrication best practice with a complete system that covers the entire process loop and works with any existing maintenance process.

"We recognized a need in the market to add bulk storage and dispensing to create a fully integrated system for managing lubrication from delivery to point of application," said John Gillian, chief executive officer for Fluid Defense. "We are proud to introduce the OilSafe Work Center as a safe and reliable solution that helps companies instantly establish best practice on the plant floor and prevent the inefficiencies, downtime and lost production that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars."

The OilSafe Work Center has been successfully implemented in applications such as manufacturing, mining, food and beverage, defense and more. Available in multiple configurations, each system is customizable to suit the application and budget. The scalable, plug-and-play design extends the life of the Work Center, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency. In addition, the palletized, fully assembled pods allow for quick set-up and efficient transport.

For more information, visit fluiddefense.com.

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