Industrial Specialties Launches Clear, Replaceable Filter

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Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) recently introduced an in-line filter specifically designed for convenience in most pneumatic, vacuum and fluid applications.

The Clear-VU EZ Connect is a push-to-connect filter that features a clear plastic housing with a color-coded filter element on the inside. The colored filter element frame indicates the micron rating of each filter. The push-in connections allow for quick replacement of the disposable filter without having to cut or replace the tubing. The filter has a maximum pressure rating of 125 psi.

"There is a customer demand for this type of product in the marketplace, and we’ve developed a very unique filter," said James Davis, ISM president. "This in-line filter represents the next generation of in-line filtration, with the use of the finest quality filter elements coupled with the convenience of John Guest push-in connections."

Current Clear-VU EZ Connect product sizes include 6 mm and ¼-inch push-in connections with filter options covering 10, 48, 65 or 250 microns. Other sizes are also available on a special order basis.

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