Siemens’ Gas Chromatograph Named Product of the Year

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Siemens Industry Inc. has been awarded the 2013 ISA Analysis Division Product of the Year Award for its Maxum edition II gas chromatograph.

The award was presented at the 58th Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, Texas, on April 18, 2013. Judging was based on the product’s innovation, novelty and impact on the industry. The judging panel was made up of independent process analysis experts and end users appointed by the division’s staff.

"In our industry, this is the most important award a process analyzer product might receive," says Siemens product manager Bob Farmer. "The award recognizes the significance of enhancements to the chromatograph that increase its availability as well as reduce maintenance overhead and operating costs."

The Maxum edition II gas chromatograph is used for chemical composition analysis in gas, oil and petrochemical plants. The product has been continually upgraded to improve simplicity and maintenance, particularly for quick and predictable exchanges and repairs.

The new configuration is designed with a small modular oven with space for an integrated analysis module, as well as a larger version with more room for combination modules. The new operator panel also has a large 10-inch color touch display.

The ISA Analysis Division facilitates program development, implementation and effectiveness through integrated planning, measurement, evaluation and interventions for its members. It supports spectroscopy, chromatography, electrochemistry and sample handling.

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