Abtech and DieselPure Announce Distribution Agreement

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Abtech Holdings Inc. recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with DieselPure Inc. to incorporate Abtech's Smart Sponge technology into all of DieselPure's filtration systems. The sub-micron coalescing filter technology is designed to remove free and emulsified water and other contaminants from ultra-low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel blends in order to prevent engine failure.

"Smart Sponge fully complements and supports our end-to-end solution," said Peter Kerrin, DieselPure's president. "As water is separated from diesel fuel, it still contains some level of hydrocarbons. Unless the water is treated to remove these hydrocarbons, costly treatment as a hazardous waste is required. With Abtech's Smart Sponge added to the DieselPure filtration system, we can remove and solidify the remaining hydrocarbons, thereby enabling the water to be safely discharged directly to the sewer."

According to the terms of the deal, Abtech will have the exclusive right to market DieselPure Inc.'s filtration system in the Western region of the United States. The company's initial market focus will be targeted toward first responders, hospitals, banks and federal and state government facilities.

"By eliminating free water and emulsified water to the certified level, we are able to keep fuel fresh indefinitely," added Kerrin. "As all diesel fuels are moving toward increasingly lower sulfur content and higher bio-diesel blends, the problem of water buildup presents a critical issue. Governments are mandating that increasing amounts of bio-diesel be added to diesel fuel, which can put mission-critical engines at risk."

For more information, visit www.dieselpure.com.

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